Monday 21 December 2015

Get your craft on!

How to be festive around your home this season on a budget 

With the festive season already upon us many people are feeling the pressure to buy gifts, gourmet food and decorate your home with style. This year don’t spend too much money on decorations, instead save loads and make them yourself! Craft can be done by any willing participant and it is like meditation so it is good for your soul. Plus it is a very rewarding exercise that you can share with the whole family; there is nothing better than admiring your handiwork once you finish something tangible and hopefully beautiful.

Why not try these amazing and oh so easy DIY ideas for your home and get your craft on! Warning this may be messy but its going to be worth it…

IDEA 1: The Advent Calendar
Materials: old frame; spray paint (silver or gold); paper and texta for date tags; ceramic ornaments/tree decorations, tacs & ribbon
Get your craft on: stick old newspaper inside the frame then spray paint the frame; remove the newspaper and affix the date tags using tacs; tie ribbon through the decorations and around the tac to hang them

IDEA 2: Wreath
Materials: wooden hoop from Spotlight, ribbons or fabric swatches
Get your craft on: tie ribbons or fabric swatches onto the wreath until there is sufficient to please the eye

IDEA 3: The Golden Acorn
Materials: newspaper, acorns and spray paint (note: use the same paint from the advent calendar), ribbon
Get your craft on: lay down the newspaper, take your acorn and apply spray paint to one side then rotate doing the same on the otherside, then tie a ribbon to the base and add to a shallow glass vase to show off your creations

IDEA 4: Candy Cane vase
Materials: lots of candy canes, glass jars or vases, cotton wool, Christmas stickers or ornaments, blutack
Get your craft on: hang the candy canes over the glass or vase, place cotton wool in the centre, add the stickers to the front of the glass or blutack a Christmas ornament to the front instead

IDEA 5: Homemade cards
Materials: newsagent card (your choice of colour); scissors, glue, decorations, glitter, pens, textas, ribbons anything that takes your fancy
Get your craft on: fold the board into the card shape and tear using a ruler (this gives a better line than cutting with scissors), then the world is your oyster get creative – stick Christmas paper and ribbon on in festive shapes, draw a snowman or candy and decorate with glitter and paper cut outs, or use colour and be abstract, there is no limit here


Season Greetings to you and your family from the Cramer family!

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