Monday 7 December 2015

Cramer And The City is stepping out!

Welcome to Cramer And The City!


Our inspiration for this blog was to provide the community with what we believe is useful, interesting, sometimes wacky, sometimes serious information… and it’s not all just about real estate.

We are not your usual cookie cutter approach agency – just like the local area, we are far more dynamic than that, and we are a proud member of the local community; as such we feel our unique voice may provide some insightful, intuitive, possibly helpful and hopefully uplifting information about the property industry and the local area.

We work here, but we also live, love and play here.  

We are a boutique real estate agency made up of strong minded characters and whilst we all live and breathe property we have a whole life in the city beyond bricks and mortar that we wish to share.

We have always been ahead of the pack creatively, exploring new benchmarks, constantly setting sales & rental records, and thinking well outside the proverbial square. Our experience, insight and real-world approach means the people we deal with feel they are in capable hands and most importantly, that they are being heard. With our passion for property, people and the inner-city we are hoping this blog will enrich the lives and minds of those who read it – and if nothing else, it may make them laugh from time to time, as it does us.

We hope you enjoy!

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