Thursday 25 August 2022

Toga Awarded Very High ICert Rating By Independent Government Backed Body

Cramer Property is excited to announce that TOGA, developers of Surry Hills Village and Wicks Place, has just been awarded an outstanding 4.5 star rating under the Independent Construction Industry Tool (iCIRT). This exceptional ranking is testament to TOGA’s reputation as one of Australia’s most experienced and trusted fully integrated property developers. 

iCIRT uses a five-star system to rate builders and developers on their capability to deliver apartment buildings, which must meet the minimum average of three out of five stars or above to be deemed "trustworthy".

TOGA’s 4.5 star rating is a testament to TOGA’s reputation as one of Australia’s most experienced and trusted fully integrated property developers.

Surry Hills Village


Generally speaking, purchasing a home is likely the biggest single financial investment we will make in our lives. And when buying off-the-plan, we have previously only had a glamourous display suite and brochure to reflect the property we will be acquiring. But now with this new independent rating system, iCERT in place, we are able to far more accurately see the developer’s credentials. And this is doubly so, as since the system started a year ago and is at present voluntary, you can be sure that any developer who puts themselves forward for this type of rigorous independent assessment has great confidence in their ability to deliver exemplary properties with integrity. 

For many of us, these rating systems can seem unimportant but once we understand exactly what is being rated, by whom and why, we can see that an iCERT rating is an excellent reference for homebuyers when choosing an off-the-plan property. This rating helps purchasers identify developers who have outstanding credentials through an unbiased and independent assessment. Any developer who scores above 3 stars is deemed trustworthy and the higher the score, the more this adds to their credentials and abilities. And a high rating allows a purchaser to buy with full confidence and transparency. 

This independent construction industry ratings tool has been created by data analytics house, Equifax, backed by the NSW Government. Equifax meticulously analyse each developer’s full financial and development history prior to awarding the accreditation. 

The system works by drawing on thousands of rating points endorsed by NSW Fair Trading including the following:

developer’s credit ratings
the relationships between development counterparties
the entity’s history in corporate dealings
history of the nominated directors
Additional objective evidence to reflect the developer’s capability to deliver good quality buildings

Given that TOGA has scored an enviable 4.5 star rating, purchasers can have full confidence that their developments reach a significantly high level of quality and integrity across the board.

Tuesday 16 August 2022

Why Rental Prices Are Rising So Fast

If you are looking for a property to rent at present, you will be confronted by a lack of stock and rapidly rising prices. Conversely, if you own an investment property, it is becoming more and more of a landlord’s market, and you will be seeing your return-on-investment flourish. 

So, what are the chief causes of rising rent? Primarily, supply is outweighing demand. A considerable number of would-be first home buyers have been priced out of the market recently and heavily affected by the rising interest rates. And sadly in some cases homeowners who locked in a property at the historically low interest rates, are no longer comfortably able to service that loan, inducing them to rent until interest rates stabilise.

Airbnb listings as proportion of rental dwellings in Sydney Photo: supplied

Another factor contributing to the short supply of rental properties is the Airbnb effect that has attracted many long-term rental properties to transition to short term rentals. Although the increased maintenance required to sustain an Airbnb property is not attractive to all investors, there are still enough out there who have withdrawn their long-term rentals, creating an even greater shortage in supply. 

Add to this, the number of homes that were purchased by first home buyers (see previous blog here) over the last ten years, assisted by increasing state and federal government incentives, has left the rental market under even more pressure from a supply perspective.

There has also been a resurgence of international travellers and students who want to live medium term in Australia. Many wealthy parents of international students are once again seeking high quality rental properties in areas that are well connected transport wise, have multiple local amenities and are reasonably close to universities placing further strain on supply (see previous blog here).

Finally, with the escalating prices of the Sydney real estate market across recent years, many landlords chose to sell their rental properties to homebuyers, and capitalise on the record high property prices, further draining the market of rental property. 

All these factors combined have affected the market considerably, meaning that what is out there now is snapped up quicker than ever due to high demand and scarcity of product. However, if you are an existing investor, looking to invest in your first rental property or add to your existing property portfolio, things are looking pretty darn good. 

Cramer have a large selection of apartments that each bear the ideal investment property fundamentals – incredible location in some of Sydney’s most popular suburbs, award-winning architects, impeccable design, premium build quality aimed at longevity, fabulous finishes, great development facilities and some of the best restaurants, cafes, bars and boutique shopping in Sydney. See below for intrinsically rentable apartments…

See more here

See more here

Monday 8 August 2022

Surry Hills Village: ‘Why I bought a penthouse off the plan during a pandemic’

Ask Mary-Jane Salier — known simply as ‘MJ’ — why she and her husband, Kris Gale, have bought a penthouse off the plan in the Surry Hills Village development during a pandemic and she’s matter of fact.

“Yes, it’s a tricky time, but I’m an optimist at heart,” she said. 

 “TOGA [the developer] does have an excellent reputation for delivering a quality product and I feel as though we know what we’re getting.” 

And MJ, who leads the international regulatory team for US-based communications company Verizon, and Kris, who presents Fire Up! on FBi Radio, aren’t the only “optimists”. 

The original eight penthouses sold out in record time*. But we are pleased to introduce the last remaining penthouse has been re-released by the developer. Available now (click to view)

*This original article has been abridged & updated with current 2022 information

Tuesday 2 August 2022

Make It and Create It in Marrickville

Mulga the Artist for Perfect Match

The last few years of lockdowns and isolation periods have taught us a great deal about hobbies and activities. Many people have chosen to use this slowdown positively to learn some new skills. Marrickville is a hub of arts and creativity with a variety of creative activities to explore.

There are so many artist studios located around Marrickville that the council runs the Creative Trails annually in August – go along to see art being made and peek into artists studios in your local area.

Many of these artists and craftspeople also teach their crafts from their private studio spaces. Why not learn Linocut Printmaking with Maggie Stein, Drawing and Painting for Beginners at Scratch Art Space and Silversmithing at Squarepeg Studios to name just a few.

For all-round creativity, Makers Space in Gerald Street hosts a huge array of activities from ceramics, metalwork, carpentry and jewellery making. This large workshop space houses a collaborative of artist studios and can offer membership plans (like WeWork) to access facilities to work on your own projects.

Located in the heart of the recently renovated Marrickville Metro, Hypmotive Hub is a one-stop shop for locally made artisan gifts. They also host a monthly market (next one is Saturday 13th August). It’s also a teaching space for Pottery Workshops where you can learn to craft the perfect vase for your stylish home. It’s not just all for adults - if you have a little one in your life, you can book a Kids Birthday Party and let your little ones get creative with clay.

Lil’ Crafters is another great location for those with younger kids. Based in McNeily Park near the Marrickville station, it’s a craft and messy sensory play space for babies to preschoolers. Everything is provided so you can enjoy getting creative without having to trash your own living space.

If you want to soak up the arts without getting your hands dirty then you may want to check out the council organised project Perfect Match - a walking tour of public Graffiti Artworks around the Inner West. 

Head to Camelot Lounge at the end of your tour for a refreshing beer, soak up the quirky atmosphere and decor and hear some live music. They also hold life drawing sessions with a burlesque twist at the Camel Arts Club every Wednesday. 

This is just a selection of the Creative and Artistic things on offer within walking distance of Wicks Place. Contact Cramer today to get your FREE Guide to Marrickville for more fun things to do.