Thursday 21 January 2016

How to make your rental home your castle

You may be renting your property but it’s still your home. Whether on a long or short lease, you will still want it to feel like your place, not temporary accommodation. However there are restrictions on what you can do in terms of structural changes and what is financially worthwhile. Small things can make a big difference.  Unlike homeowners, who can knock down walls and rip up floors to transform a space, renters can’t even put a nail in the wall without the owner‘s permission. Even if you are blessed with the most open-minded landlord, you’re unlikely to want to spend any significant time or money on a property that’s not your own, or on anything that you can’t take with you when your leave. The solution? Think inexpensive, reversible and portable and you’ll be ready to transform even the most drab rental house into a home.

Portable: use portable work spaces and storage for apartments where space is an issue, these trolleys can be fixed to one spot or moved to make more space for entertaining

Reversible: why not personalise your walls with removable adhesives, this gives a sense of your own personality and style which can easily be removed without taking the paint work with you when you leave

Inexpensive: styling your home need not be expensive, why not recycle, reuse or repurpose your old items into something new and unique, and amaze your friends with your creativity and ingenuity

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