Tuesday 15 December 2015

Selling in the Silly Season

The general consensus is that selling property during the Christmas period is a definite no no. Yes, people have less serious things on their mind, like BBQ's, present hunting and holidays, and, yes, it is slightly unorthodox to be selling your property over this period. But there are also some serious advantages that are generally overlooked so if you have the inclination or necessity to sell your home during December and January, do not be discouraged. 

Christmas cheer and property can mix

How can Cramer help?

Most agents shut for the holidays, but a lot of preparation can be done in the lead up to Christmas so that you can hit the market running in early January (note: Cramer reopens on Monday, January 4th). Our goal is always to get you the best price achievable for your property, and by using the right strategy in the holiday season you could get an even higher price than selling at other times of the year.

Don't clutter!

If you are an owner occupier you will likely be living in your home during the sale of your property. Don’t over-clutter with decorations. Less is more, and while a moderate number of festive references create a positive atmosphere, too many create clutter and prevent buyers visualising your property. Also photos will need to be taken by a professional photographer, so keep this in mind in terms of how your property will present on-line, in brochures and in the Cramer window. There is a fair bit of preparation that goes into getting your property on the market, but our experience, capabilities and contacts will allow you time to enjoy this season and rest assured you are in the most capable hands.

Selling in summer - look on the bright side

  • Because it’s summer and the holidays, people are generally in a very good mood. Tap into this positivity.
  • Darker homes are at their best mid-summer as stronger reflected light creates brighter interiors and a cool interior in summer is highly attractive to overheated purchasers!

Cooler homes in summer are preferable

  • As the number of properties on the market decreases dramatically during this period, you have far less competition. Don’t forget, there are people who need to purchase or feel they have to time to look more over the holidays, so this will work in your favour.
  • Potential purchasers can organise and plan ahead at this time of year as people are usually more freed up in terms of spare time that during busier periods.
  • So many expats come home for the holidays, and some will have a view to purchase an investment property or a property they can move into when they return. With the Australian dollar being relatively week, they will get more bang for their buck, so if they have ever considered purchasing, now is the time to get on the property ladder in Sydney again. 

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