Tuesday 28 June 2022

How to prepare your home for sale

Staging your property, the new term for styling your home or investment to attract buyers, has become, quite literally, an art form. Companies now exist who will come into your property and style it to showcase it to its best effect, but this comes at a cost. If you can’t afford it, don’t despair as most of us are perfectly capable of staging our own property if we follow some simple guidelines.


Properties that look good are more alluring to buyers as they can more easily envisage themselves in aesthetically pleasing homes. Clean, uncluttered spaces present as the most attractive to buyers so let’s start with the obvious. Remove excess furniture and minimise personal items such as photos and unattractive gifts from loved ones. Remember, less is almost always more. Now is the time to remove all things sentimental unless they are of design significance - you might enjoy seeing your treasures but to a potential buyer it just looks like clutter.


If your furniture looks cheap or tired, either ditch it completely or invest in an attractive alternative. It doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Try affordable homeware stores such as Matt Blatt.

Small touches can make a big difference. Fresh flowers, stylish accessorising and comforting scents are always a hit, creating a feel-good vibe in your home. On-trend botanical print cushions, lush throws, beautiful framed prints, gorgeous candles and that divine smell of freshly brewed coffee will all appeal to the senses of your buyers.


Check out the paint finish and clear any evidence of mould – this weather is creating mould in places it has never previously appeared! Where there are marks on the paint, a pot of gumption will be your new best friend. Try a bit of spot cleaning and you will be surprised how your walls will spruce up. Ideally paint is white or a pale grey to create the greatest sense of space and light. Where there is a feature wall or signature colour in a room, check whether it is on trend and if it is not, paint over it.

Create the illusion of separate zones. Where you have an open plan living and dining area, make sure your styling creates a sense of separate purpose. If the area is small, just have one couch and get a smaller round dining table as these will allow for a greater sense of spaciousness. Whether your outdoor area be a balcony, courtyard or backyard, make it an extension of the living area. Even the smallest balcony can have a tiny round table and chair to offer a separate space for a morning coffee, evening cocktail or to read a book. With this in mind, set up the areas with props, eg books on side tables, laptop in study nook, champagne glasses and candle on outdoor setting.

If your property is a little on the dark side, make sure you have ample lighting. Where overhead lighting is deficient, invest in some floor and desk lamps to brighten up the spaces. Stick to a very light colour scheme, preferably bright white on the walls and ceilings and light coloured furniture. Place lovely bunches of flowers around and the odd bright coloured cushion.

If there are any glaringly urgent repairs needed, get them sorted as things like leaking taps, broken windowpanes and chipped plaster walls are off-putting to buyers. If your property needs a full renovation and you are not going to be the one to do it, there is hope when selling - work with its existing attributes. Always check under carpet to see if there are floorboards underneath as ideally you would expose these. Stripping your property back to its bare bones will allow buyers to see the potential that lies below. Style it in a rustic, shabby chic way, being careful to minimise furniture.

For all properties, the final non-negotiable is to make certain it is spotlessly clean and smells lovely. If you are time poor, hire a professional cleaner or if you live in the property you are about to sell, as soon as you know you will put it on the market get into spring cleaning mode. Take down curtains and wash them where possible, clean out and tidy cupboards as more buyers will open them than you would think. For the best tips on getting your home in ship shape, take a look at our home edit inspired piece in the link below and best of luck with the sale!

Wednesday 8 June 2022

In-coming overseas students set to surge and boost Inner City apartment market

Over the past two decades, national revenue generated by international students has become more and more lucrative. Then along came the pandemic, wrecking its havoc, with one of the big casualties 'economically speaking', this unexpected loss in revenue. At the end of 2021, Nick Reece, now Deputy Lord Mayor of Melbourne, called for a “massive wave of new immigrants to help get the city back on track” and this was equally true for Sydney. 

As if heeding Reece’s call, in recent months there has been a huge surge in approvals for international student visas, with the Australian Financial Review just reporting a massive increase in approvals for student visas from Nepal alone, with approvals running at an exceptionally high 85 per cent. And applications for visas from China and India, the two largest source countries for international students, are also very high. This news cannot have come at a better time for the real estate market and it is inevitable that history will repeat itself with the positive effect it will have on revenue. 

One of the key factors set to boost revenue is the vast numbers of students whose wealthy parents opt to purchase an apartment for their child, in addition to paying for a great education. The lure of real estate in our promised land cannot be underestimated, particularly as the global state of affairs makes Australia seem like a safe haven by comparison. And many of these parents are now looking for a good quality product by a reputable developer in suburbs where their child is enrolled. 

Even if not purchasing a property for their child, many parents look for luxury rental properties to create a desirable home away from home. And as the influx of students will substantially increase demand for the rentals close to campus, this additional renter demographic about to hit the market is great news for investors. 

Since the Covid-19 pandemic, the state of NSW, and Sydney in particular, lost $272.7million in international student revenue, and this included lost rental income due to the lack of international students. A report by real estate group, Juwai IQI, cited “Universities have lost hundreds of millions, but Australian landlords have lost an even larger share of foreign student rental income.” 

In summary, with interest rates rising and rental vacancy rates declining, once again as people move back to the City in droves post-pandemic, this student influx could be a further injection into the mix that will keep the market buoyant.

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