Monday 23 May 2022

Flashback to 1983 and share a beer with Bob Hawke!

Picture the scene - it's March 1983 and Bob Hawke is now Prime Minister after a landslide victory for the Labour Party. You’re wearing tight Levis with a plaid shirt, and you’re heading to the flicks to watch BMX Bandits with up and coming Australian teen actress, Nicole Kidman.

After the movie you head to Marrickville to grab a beer and a Chinese meal but hang on a minute…. 80’s Marrickville? Well, not exactly, but it might as well be. In Marrickville’s latest eccentric venue, the Bob Hawke Beer & Leisure Centre, you’ll feel as though you’ve entered a time warp.

Over the last few years, Marrickville has become a destination location for craft breweries – with over a dozen independent brewers within walking distance. The newly opened Bob Hawke Leisure Centre raises the bar with concept, décor and overall coolness. So how did this unorthodox venue come about? Like so many of the best ideas, it came from daydreaming. Homesick Australians Nath and Dave were sitting in New York on a cold day, dreaming about drinking a beer in the sun. Wondering who they would most like to have a beer with, the answer led to the founding of a brewing company with Bob Hawke.

It's the soulfulness of The Bob Hawke Brewery & Leisure Centre that elevates it above the pack. By combining two old school Aussie favourites - a cold beer and a great Chinese restaurant – the venue successfully nails the retro 80’s vibe, creating a quirky destination where you’ll feel instantly at home. Every part of the 1,200sqm establishment pays homage to legendary Prime Minister Bob Hawke and 1980’s Australiana. The décor is imbued with a personal collection of treasures and memorabilia, and lavished with 80s design trends such as golden hues, clashing prints and low level lighting. The lounge area and pool room have even been modelled after Hawke’s own pool room at his Northbridge home.

Chinese restaurant, The Lucky Prawn, is a museum-like time capsule showcasing all that is kitsch. A quintessential reminder of 80’s era Aussie-Chinese joints that could be found all over the country, the space celebrates red and gold, wood veneer walls, smooth curved lines and ornate, thick pile carpets (salvaged from Petersham Town Hall for authenticity). And to add the icing on the cake, this is a venue with a big heart. The boys donate a significant proportion of their brewery profits to Landcare and other environmental charities, so you’ll feel even better knowing that you’re helping save the planet when you frequent this soul-filled venue.



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