Wednesday 23 August 2023

Rockin’ Rosebery – Why more and more people want to call this uber cool suburb home

With some of Sydney’s hippest retail, its central urban location, vibrant atmosphere and charming character due to the successful amalgamation of old and new, Rosebery is giving ‘It List’ suburbs like Surry Hills, Redfern, Alexandria and Marrickville a run for their money. Radically transformed in the last decade from a relatively unpopular residential address amid mass industrialisation to one of the coolest places to live in Sydney, Rosebery is a must-see for home-hunters and visitors alike.

It's atmospheric, eclectic, and vibrant with a great sense of community, tons of local facilities and aesthetically pleasing streetscapes populated with heritage homes and architecturally attractive residential developments. Its central position offers a lot of flexibility for visiting other popular parts of Sydney, with the CBD, Newtown, Marrickville, Surry Hills, Redfern, Bondi, Tamarama, Coogee and Maroubra all pretty close as is Sydney Airport.

Adding exponentially to Rosebery’s hip factor, The Cannery is an uber cool converted warehouse complex that attracts Sydneysiders from far and wide. It houses the best providores, tastemakers and buzzing brands that Sydney has to offer. The lineup includes dining destinations 5th Earl, Three Ducks, Elf & Taco, Banh Zeo Bar, Da Mario, Zeus Street Greek and Frenchie’s Bistro and Brewery. And for the sweetest treats, you’re spoiled for choice with glorious Gelato Messina, Black Star Pastry and Frenchie’s Bakery and Patisserie.

This is just the start - enjoy The Cannery’s Archie Rose Distilling Co, Drink Hive, Wholefoods House, Deli Republic and Red Spoon House. Take a coffee break at Welcome Dose then shop up a storm in Zimmerman, The Academy Brand and Papinelle. Need a haircut? You’ll look your best after a visit to Dapper Don Barbershop or Jyle Frame Hair. Don’t miss the markets on the first Saturday and Sunday of the month. And just across the road, you’ll find the best designer outlet shopping in Sydney including Zimmerman, Springcourt, Camilla and Marc, Sambag, Sandler and Dunning Avenue.

Young professionals love to live here due to the lively, socially oriented atmosphere that’s rich in a plethora of fantastic restaurants, street dining, pub life, artisan stores, boutiques. Local institutions, Lakes Hotel and Rosebery Hotel offer a great place to grab a pint. And professionals make the most of the suburb’s relative closeness to the CBD and the fact that they can purchase a modern designer apartment with outstanding facilities from where to base their busy lives.

With a reputation for being a safe suburb and with loads of family friendly resources, Rosebery is also ideal for young families who are coming to live here in droves. It’s a highly walkable and bikeable suburb as a whole, being largely very flat and easy to navigate and has great childcare centres and activities for the little ones. For everyday essentials, there’s a local IGA, Woolworths Metro, and Eastlakes Shopping Centre and Gardeners Road offers amenities galore, with most of Sydney’s best homeware stores and all manner of services.

And for those with pets, Rosebery offers Turuwul Park, numerous nature strips, trees galore, good pet care/veterinary facilities and a great dog culture. Turuwul Park is well equipped with basketball court, small kids play equipment and other fitness amenities.

To enjoy all the attractions of this fantastic suburb on a daily basis, based in an architecturally sublime, luxuriously designed apartment, contact the Cramer team today to learn about the Rothschild development.

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Head of Sales & Marketing
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Thursday 17 August 2023

To Invest or Not to Invest, That is the Question - Part 1

Part 1 of Property Investment in High Interest Rate Environments 

With the RBA cash rate cycle of 12 interest rate rises since May 2022, many property investors are hesitant to expand their portfolio and would-be investors can be forgiven for thinking now is not the time to take the plunge into their first investment property. However, there are a number of factors at play that dictate whether or not now is a good time to invest for any individual. 

Recently economic and finance gurus, Arjun Paliwal of InvestorKit and Redom Sayed of Confidence Finance, released a whitepaper that offers some sage and welcome advice that is worth having a closer look at. Titled ‘5 x Rules for Investing in High Interest Rate Environments,’ the paper does a great job of unpacking the key rules for investing in property. 

The rule both experts believe is the most important, is that the individual investor’s situation matters far more than the market. They believe that each investor must take into consideration where they are at from a financial perspective as understanding your finances and extrapolating those numbers for different rate environments will dictate your readiness to buy. 

Top of the list for Investment Principles 101 is Are you Saving Money? If so, what are you currently doing with those savings? If you are investing in cash, this will not deliver the same returns and growth of other asset classes in the long term, where other forms of investment, including property investment are well suited for those in it for the long haul. Also moving assets away from cash almost always compensates better for fluctuations in inflation. 

Demonstrating a consistent savings profile over time will give you the ability to handle the curve balls that will inevitably be thrown your way, such as increases in interest repayments and unforeseen maintenance expenses. If you are saving 25% or more of your net income, and this is still the case in the current interest and cost of living environment, Paliwal and Sayed believe you are in an excellent position to consider property investment. 

Most property investors invest with mortgage debt – the most common Loan to Value being 80%. How you will be able to service your loan in the current high-rate environment will be a great indicator of your suitability for property investment. It is easy to show serviceability during positive cash flow times where low interest rates can generate high investment yields of 5, 6 or even 7%, however if you can show loan serviceability in the current rate environment, things are looking good for your suitability to invest in property. 

If you are considering an investment property, Cramer offer a range of architecturally superb properties with outstanding amenities in fantastic locations. To learn more, contact Emma Chappell today.

Emma Chappell
Head of Sales & Marketing
Tel 02 8302 1500

Disclaimer: This information and any content provided is general in nature and should not be taken as investment advice. Cramer Property are not liable for actions taken based on this content. Always seek advice from relevant professionals such as legal, financial and accounting experts.

Monday 7 August 2023

What is a scullery and is it a luxury for only the very rich?

À la mode’ in the grand designs of prestige houses, a kitchen Scullery is rarely an option for most. Previously known as a Butler’s Pantry, apartment owners can only dream of having this luxury. Until now. Innovative, high-end developer, TOGA, have taken this much-coveted luxury and ingeniously incorporated it into a select few apartments in their new landmark development, Surry Hills Village. 

The SHV Scullery will allow fortunate residents to keep their main kitchen in a pristine state, putting messy jobs and dishes to the side until they have time to attend to them. With clutter being the enemy of any beautiful home, this extra space means a stream-lined aesthetic will be far easier to achieve. And the end result of mess-free entertaining of family and friends will have you showcasing your glorious apartment at its best. 

But there are more benefits than just improved aesthetics. Having a Scullery means there will be no more issues with not enough cupboard space. These handy home additions give you the extra storage space to organise your kitchen fantastically so there is no more necessity to squirrel items away in the depths of an already overfull cupboard. 

The Scullery is an incredibly versatile space, giving you the option to dress it as a bar when entertaining, thus creating a purposeful, organised and attractive space for drink preparation and self-service. Alternatively, the Scullery enables you to take care of all the noisy kitchen jobs such as blending, food processing, grinding coffee, etc, in a dedicated space separate from the living area, which is incredibly convenient when living in an open plan design. 

Esteemed interior architects, BKH Interiors, have created these splendid Sculleries in a select few of the exquisite apartments of Surry Hills Village, optimising both form and function. They are highly practical additions to these most elite of apartments and have been designed to be streamlined and beautiful despite their utilitarian purpose. 

To discover the exclusive Surry Hills Village Scullery apartments, please contact Emma Chappell of Cramer Property for more information or to organise an inspection of this outstanding development.