Monday 24 August 2020


There’s nothing like spring to motivate us to clean up our act on the domestic front. But why not use the down time provided by human winter social hibernation to get in early and be Spring-prepared. Depending on the state of your domestic affairs, this will either seem like a very doable weekend activity or a task of monumental (and non-achievable) proportions. Either way, you can nail this. No matter how daunting, you can stay positive by thinking in baby steps.

However if you feel like tackling this head on, get out your pen and paper and do a home-wide reconnaissance. Go from room to room, and take note of dusty shelves, desktops etc; grimy marks on walls, doors and cupboards; any mould on walls and ceilings; cluttered drawers, wardrobes and cupboards that need tidying; old dusty, fraying cushions and any sheets or towels that need replacing. Don’t forget to look up high if you want to do an excellent job of this – think tops of doorframes and paintings, ceiling smears and for heaven’s sake, don’t miss the upper areas of your kitchen. Seems like that’s taking it too far, just wait till you get up there and see the s*&t on top of the cupboards and range hood. You’ll want it gone, believe me. And don’t forget windows… clean windows make your house look so much better and have the added benefit of letting in more light.

Are you feeling a bit overwhelmed? Don’t fret, once you actually start to tick off this list, you will find that not only does your house begin to feel miraculously cleaner and clearer, but so does your head. So just tackle what you can, when you can. If you don’t like to work alone, get help. Enlist the help of a friend by trading a yummy home cooked dinner for some elbow grease. Pump up the music and think of it as a workout. It’s amazing how much muscle you can build with hard labour around the house. Finally have a reward in mind for the day you have your house spick and span again.

Maybe an hour massage, movie and dinner, delux mani-pedi – or for those with higher expectations and a bigger budget – a day spa or weekend away. Whatever it is, after your hard work you’ll be able to look forward to some R&R and then return to your pristine home to greet Spring head on.
PS If you can afford it, have your carpet steam cleaned and if you live high up, have professional cleaners come and clean the outside of your windows. You won’t believe the difference.

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