Thursday 6 August 2020


With the chaos wrecked by the COVID-19 virus, so many of us as craving nature to restore some semblance of calm and sanity. The drastic increase in social distancing and isolation has made our sense of wellbeing more crucial than ever, and there has been a groundswell of interest in properties that embrace nature and allow us to enjoy it from home. These properties are few and far between in the inner suburbs of Sydney, but not so with Splendour, a boutique collection of magnificent apartments that immerse you in nature like never before.

North-facing atop a dramatic cliff overlooking 38 acres of Cooper Park, these idyllic properties are as rare as they are beautiful. Splendour Bellevue Hill’s limited collection of apartments have been inspired by their heavenly natural surrounds. Imagine waking up every day with panoramic views across the park’s tree canopy, enjoying a sublimely tranquil setting that showcases nature at its finest. These spectacular, verdant views across the Cooper Park tree canopy are what set this development apart, infusing each home with a serene beauty that can only be achieved in concert with nature.

Cooper Park is set to be heritage listed in acknowledgement of its rare qualities. Containing the largest area of urban bushland and watercourses in the Woollahra Municipality, the scope and beauty of Cooper Park are breathtaking. Following the line of a volcanic dyke formed during the Jurassic Period, the riparian forests and woodland vegetation that extend up the sandstone slopes provide diverse habitats for the local fauna. The parks man-made features were designed in the 1930s, with pathways, bridges and themes of romance and pleasure dotted throughout amplifying its charm and collaborating to obtain Cooper Park’s heritage status.

Designed by a team of multi award-winning architects, interior and landscape designers, these extraordinary properties offer a life of serenity and supreme beauty in the rarest of locations. Effortlessly elegant, aesthetically outstanding and perfectly positioned, each Splendour home is a finely tuned work of architectural art and refined simplicity, while taking in the spectacular outlooks across the Cooper Park tree canopy or beyond to the Sydney City skyline, Harbour Bridge and Opera House. 

Intelligently conceived North and North West orientated layouts create the perfect flow of space and light, while maximising views. Each Splendour home will allow you to entertain in the most expansive of styles, enjoying wide frontage living and dining spaces that extend seamlessly out to full-width balconies or gorgeously landscaped gardens. Nature will come from the outside into your fabulously finished home, with timber veneer and striking stone featuring throughout. The carefully considered development, garden and rooftop landscaping perfectly complements the magnificent Cooper Park tree canopy, creating a verdant backdrop to each home and showcasing nature at its most beautiful. So, what are you waiting for, come abide amid the treetops in a home that will make your heart sing!

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