Monday 29 June 2020


Just think smart and you’ll feel like you’re living large.

Studio living is an increasingly growing prospect for people who are needing to scale down their living space size to accommodate the increasing cost of real estate in Sydney. But there are studios and there are studios. Just like any property, the variation in size and layout is extensive. Ideally, a studio has a large main room, a balcony, separate kitchen and bathroom, and a car space if you are very very lucky.

White always makes a space seem larger, so paint walls white throughout to create a clear canvas to work with. Use bold colours to brighten and liven the space. Ideally you will have lots of light in your apartment, and this also creates a greater sense of space. Having a balcony off the main room really extends the living area. Take advantage of the extra floor space and place a table and chairs out there so you can dine al fresco whenever weather permits. Place plants on planter racks on the wall to maximise floor area. A pot plant in the corner is fine as this is usually dead space anyway and it is important to bring life to your living.

There are ingenious ways to deal with transforming the space from living to bedroom. Try getting a couch that has moveable sections so you can create a couch by day and a bed by night. Consider a fold out table attached to the wall and wall mounted hooks for chairs, so when you want to dine or work on a computer, you can set everything up simply and easily, then when you don’t need a table, you have an open floor space.

If there are window sills, take advantage of them to put on potted plants. Also an indoor plant in a floor pot is a great idea to beautify your home and create more oxygen, just make sure you have a waterproof mat under it if you are placing it on carpet. With bathrooms and kitchens, again, white and bright is the way to go. If you have windows in both, you are really in luck as this creates more of an open feel. Cupboard space is often limited so think attractive and practical storage units from Ikea or Howards. So with close attention to detail and thinking outside the square, a studio can feel spacious.

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