Monday 1 June 2020


With our home environment being never so important as now, many of us are realising that the confines of those four walls make home feel far from sweet. The drastic increase in social distancing and isolation can mean that the proverbial cracks are really starting to show and what had just been a niggling voice telling us we need to move somewhere larger is fast becoming a shout. But don’t be discouraged, there are still excellent properties available in the current market, and as a buyer you are now in the enviable position of having the upper hand.

Whether you are considering moving up from a studio to a one bed, a one bed to a two bed or an apartment to a terrace house, you still have a startling number of options, especially if you are looking at new developments. With many outstanding properties complete and ripe for the taking, in this buyer’s market you will be able to pick and choose without the fear of missing out or stressful competition of the real estate market in recent times.

No matter if you're looking to upgrade to a one or two bedroom apartment or an expansive three bedroom terrace house, Cramer has a great selection of affordable new properties in fantastic locations. By highly respected developer, Toga, Surry Hills Village and Wick’s Place offer impeccably designed apartments with generous proportions, good-sized balconies and a very high level of finish. Their on-site development facilities are second-to-none, so staying at home will be a joy, not a trial, so come and check them out in a one-on-one appointment.

Terraces are often rare and as such are highly desirable due to their larger proportions, courtyards and balconies. Cramer currently have three benchmark developments with beautifully finished brand new terraces on offer. Silkwood in Pagewood, Trinity in Rosebery and The Gentry in Alexandria offer an outstanding selection of terraces that will make you want to be at home, no matter what the social distancing requirements. So please feel free to contact us on 8302 1500 if any of these properties are of interest and we can arrange a one-on-one appointment at a time that suits you.

Silkwood, Pagewood
Trinity, Rosebery
The Gentry, Alexandria

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