Wednesday 31 January 2024

Will 2024 be a good year to buy Sydney real estate?

As the New Year kicks off, leading economists are already anticipating a national surge in property prices. The projected price increases are being driven by a pronounced property shortage, the rental market crisis, the stabilisation of interest rates and a new wave of immigration. And as usual, Sydney property is at the forefront of the Australian price surges.

In spite of increasing mortgage costs, the housing market showed exceptional resilience last year, with a nationwide increase of over 8%. This achievement defied pessimistic forecasts and marked a substantial turnaround from the 5% decline observed the previous year. And Sydney property prices increased by a whopping 11.1% over the last year since January 2023. These increases are seen particularly in lifestyle or blue chip suburbs where properties are tightly held causing further supply issues.


Over the past two years, the Reserve Bank has implemented a series of 13 incremental cash rate hikes, ultimately pushing interest rates to a high of 4.35%, all in a concerted effort to combat persistent inflationary pressures. However the prevailing opinion amongst economists and financial experts predicts rate cuts across the next quarter, with experts asserting that Australia’s central bank has reached the peak of its tightening cycle.

Sydney Property supply issues are reaching critical levels, driven by our ever-expanding population, fed largely by the new immigration surge, the sudden increase in renters who want to own their own home and those moving back to the city after the mass exodus induced by the covid-19 pandemic. The Sea Change dreams of some who left at this time have been turned on their heads, with the realities of regional life prompting a desire to move back to ‘the big smoke’.

      SOURCE: Sydney Morning Herald
Regarding renting, PropTrack economist Angus Moore found that Sydney is by far the most expensive city to live in in Australia and the undersupply of property continues to see rental prices rise, at an astounding 11.1% in 2023! Based on median rents, Sydney is $10,000 a year more expensive to live in than Melbourne. The low availability and incredibly high rents are forcing many into the housing market before more property prices rises occur.

In light of the exponentially rising rental market of the past year, it makes sense for would be First Home Buyers and First Time Investors alike to place their feet firmly on the property ladder. And with property prices set to rise again, there really is no time like the present. In the words of property guru, Michael Yardney, “Rather than trying to time your next property purchase based on where we are in the cycle, take a long view and if your income is secure and the time is right for you, this may be an ideal time to get a foothold in the Sydney property market while others are sitting on the sidelines.”

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