Wednesday 8 November 2023

Upcoming ‘New Central Park’ a Boon for Redfern and Surry Hills Residents

New South Wales Premier Chris Minns has just announced that the state intends to reclaim 20 of the 45-hectares of land occupied by Moore Park Golf Course once the current lease on the land expires in 2026. The decision to take back this massive pact of land has been made to provide the public with green space and much-needed recreation areas for the residents of the increasingly dense local area.

The Government will create a thriving new park with masses of green space, grassroots sports and multiple recreation hubs. A discussion paper will be released year early next, 2024, as part of a consultation process about the future of the course, and an extensive design project creating a myriad of green areas, sport resources and recreation spaces will get underway soon after. 

In an effort to explain the decision to disgruntled golfers, Premier Minns said, "We're certainly not declaring war on golf, what we are saying is this golf course in the heart of the CBD, which is already densely populated, is a better use as a park than an 18-hole golf course." Further justifying the decision, Minns notes “Over the past century, Sydney has changed significantly. When the golf course was first established, the surrounding areas were largely industrial land.” But given the ‘significant urban regeneration…. delivering public infrastructure including parks is more important than ever before.”

The City of Sydney had previously proposed a similar plan to convert part of the course into public parklands, but the plan was blocked by the previous Coalition State Government. City of Sydney Lord Mayor Clover Moore said this current decision is "a terrific outcome for the community. This is public land and the public will have access to 20 hectares of public parkland," Ms Moore said. She said the area was allocated as a golf course in 1913 when its surrounds were primarily industrial.


And member for Sydney, Alex Greenwich, whose electorate includes the course, is also enthusiastically backing the decision commenting, “This announcement respects the growing need of the expanding inner city for new open green space and I thank the government for returning this precious parkland back to public use.” And all is not lost for our city’s golf-mad residents, as 9 of the 18 holes will remain as will a driving range.

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