Friday 18 March 2022

Living large in Sydney’s most family friendly developments

Many of us still believe that when our family expands, we need to upgrade from an apartment to a house. This generally requires a move away from the area that we love to somewhere often unfamiliar where we believe we’ll get more bang for our buck. The Great Australian Dream of the quarter-acre block with a Hills Hoist has been drummed into us since time immemorial, so considering other options seem unideal.

Just by re-evaluating our assumptions, we can be happier remaining living where we know and love. Most of our lives are so busy now, that the Australian Dream, should it be realised, involves an awful lot of extra work. However if we trade that extra space for convenience and access to amenities in our favourite stomping ground, we often benefit greatly. Don’t forget, agents have not been using the old real estate adage “Location, location, location” for nothing.

So if we are to look at growing our family in an apartment/residential development context, the smartest master-planned developments have common facilities that allow families a number of outdoor recreation spaces. The smart developers recognise the fact that if families are going to live in apartments, their project is best placed close to local parks and sporting facilities. The three bedroom apartments to look out for are ones with spacious living areas that flow out to large balconies or courtyard gardens. They should have an intelligent floorplan that maximises space and sleek, streamlined interior design for ease of cleaning. Look for good sized kitchen and storage cupboards and bathroom cabinetry that facilitate organisation.

Three bedroom apartments are ideal for growing families but if your budget will only extend to a two bedroom apartment, then look for a master bedroom spacious enough to set up a little nursery, for if and when you have a new addition. Then once sleeping is more settled, your little one can move into the second bedroom with its sibling if it is large enough to accommodate two single beds or a single and cot. With good organisation, this set up is very doable so don’t rule out a two bedroom apartment if you are thinking of having another child.

Premium developments sometimes have modern terrace homes that feature ample floorplans and several on-title outdoor areas. Terrace homes are fabulous, as they have the space for a growing family, good sized outdoor areas without the high maintenance of a house and garden, giving more time for family fun pursuits. 

Cramer have an outstanding selection of family friendly property options to suit your family’s needs. So think a little outside the house and garden square and find the perfect home for your family where you don’t need to compromise on location.

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