Wednesday 8 December 2021

A chic and cheerful Christmas – Festive season styling for the modern home

A chic and cheerful Christmas – Festive season styling for the modern home

Apartment Living Chronicles Part 9

In spite of the covid cloud that has hung over us, this year has just flown by and its already time to prepare for Christmas! Let’s make it an uplifting and elegant experience this year as we look to a brighter 2022. One of the key elements of a style-conscious festive season is keeping Christmas clutter free and firmly adhering to the saying 'less is more'.

This year, think chic and cheerful. It’s usually best to begin by deciding on a colour palette. Try a base of white from which to build your perfect Christmas look. Accessorise with sage green, pale pink or soft blue. To fully embrace our antipodean location, make this a cool, calm Christmas that honours our coastal summer. Subdued greens and sand washed blues take inspiration from the coast will work perfectly to create a Southern Hemisphere scheme.



Traditional green, red and gold tends to look very dated but you can use them with style by replacing the gold with a rich cobalt blue and using a few beautifully crafted, minimal pieces such as blown glass baubles and wooden nutcracker soldiers.

Once you’ve decided on colours, look through what you already have and get rid of whatever is dated, falling apart or doesn’t fit harmoniously into your Christmas vision. If you have a tree already, make sure it is not looking worse for wear and will fit in with your look. If you don’t have a tree, I don’t think you can beat the real thing. Having a real Christmas tree not only looks divinely natural, it also gives your home the fresh, evergreen, piney scent that smells like the holidays. And remember, a new tree each year does not take up precious storage space.

Still keen to deck the halls? Olive branches work beautifully as wreaths and for placing around the home. Also, the organic, earthy smell of the branch adds to the clean, calm vibe. Or try winding strands of delicate foliage around handrails and curtain rods, but just remember – don’t go too OTT to avoid looking messy.

When choosing decorations, curvaceous, organic shapes will best suit our chic vibe. And less is always more. Wooden, glass, metal and matt porcelain ornaments will look elegant and organic. Beautifully scented candles will also go a long way to complement the Christmas vibe and a gorgeous feather or simple branch decoration can add a signature piece.


Don’t forget to wrap gifts in beautiful quality paper and wide ribbons in colours that complement your chosen theme. Gorgeously wrapped Christmas gifts will get everyone excited and make a style statement of their own. If you decide to forego a tree, they can be elegantly piled to create your Christmas centrepiece.

All of us here at Cramer wish you a wonderful, relaxing, chic and cheerful Christmas and the best holidays you’ve had in years.

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