Thursday 20 May 2021

The Revitalisation of the City of Sydney: Part 1

How our harbour city is being redefined

The City of Sydney has long been viewed as a place where people work, first and foremost. The Central Business District has been just that - the chief place where the city conducts its business. But with covid turning the world on its head, the workplace is fast becoming decentralized, with so many opting to work from home, at least for part of the week. So where does this leave our CBD in terms of its purpose? The answer is, somewhere better, more exciting and far more livable. Sydney is fast transforming into a mecca for recreation, leaving its tired work suit far behind. 

With international tourism on hold, Sydneysiders themselves are coming in increasing numbers to meet up, have fun, celebrate and rediscover their harbour city. Not only is there a vibrant luxury shopping, cafĂ©, restaurant, bar and club scene, but many of Sydney’s most cultural icons are located within easy walking distance of each other. 

The attractions of the City of Sydney are as many and varied as there are days in a year, so you will never be short of ideas to stimulate, educate, socialize, shop and dine. As we emerge from the radical changes brought about by the pandemic, we are all looking forward to getting out more, and with things certainly opening up, nowhere is this more evident than in the CBD. Sydney City’s cultural institutions - its iconic Opera House, Museum of Contemporary Art, Art Gallery of NSW, Sydney Lyric, Capitol, State, Metro and Roslyn Packer Theatres, Australian Museum and so many more - are opening their doors with great optimism towards a post-covid and lock-down law reality. 

This shift of focus is creating exciting new infrastructure, with the state government announcing $20million in additional funds for the $200million CBD Revitalisation Strategy. With the decentralization of traffic that has resulted from rerouting around and below the Sydney CBD, congestion is fast becoming a thing of the past. There are plans to redesign Circular Quay by removing the Cahill Expressway and relocating the rail line, thereby reconnecting our harbour city to its harbour.  There are also plans to create a Town Hall Square, a, east-west pedestrian boulevard that would reunite Hyde Park with the heart of the city. 

And Sydneysiders are not just coming to have fun, increasing numbers of us are choosing to live here. As is the case of many of the world’s greatest cities, the focus of our city center is shifting towards a more recreational and cultural direction, making it a highly attractive option for those seeking to live a more cosmopolitan, cultured life. And with some of the country’s most luxurious and desirable apartments located here, the pull of our harbour city is attracting new residents in rapidly increasing numbers.

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