Monday 6 February 2017

Get your kitchen’s act together

Part 1: Out with the old, chipped and ugly

Aspire to acquire Kitchen Heaven...

Whether renting or living in your own property, so many of us end up with kitchens that look like a junk/food bomb hybrid has gone off. Maybe it’s extra appliances that seemed like a good idea at the time but now get used bi-annually if lucky (in my case that milk frother, mini blender I’m lucky to fit half a banana in or the jaffle-squashed-sandwich-thingie that’s big enough to land a small helicopter on.) None of them fit in the cupboards (which are already overflowing with way too many saucepans, an army of coffee and teacups and mismatched glasses, hideous wedding gift crockery that you can’t give away in case they visit – not to mention all the non-perishable food, so much of it past its use-by date.) So these useless appliances get relegated to the benchtop along with the appliances you actually use, the oils, seasonings, obligatory fruit bowl, clashing decorative elements, piles of paper comprising of bills, kids pictures, takeaway food flyers, etc etc. Really – I can’t be the only one who needs a kitchen makeover.

Do you ever use this?
Chipped mugs and crockery must go!

Someone wise once said “A clean, tidy home creates a peaceful mind”. Someone else said “A clean house is a wasted life”, but we’ll chose not to focus on that for the purposes of this exercise. So, think de-clutter and clean, clear surfaces. Work from the anti-hoarding doctrine of if it hasn’t been used for a while get rid of it. Don’t be precious and sentimental either – it’ll get you nowhere. Root out all that chipped crockery, those ugly mugs (husbands excepted), throw out all the takeaway flyers along with the past-use-by packets and jars. Anything that is salvageable can be re-homed to a charity or if your place is bad enough, you may even have enough stuff to have a garage sale (one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.) 

Half dead plants, ugly plants, tragic holiday mementos, horrid ceramic oil vessels oh, and don’t get me started on fridge magnets - they all need to go.

If you can't save it, bin it!

Plants should be pleasing on the eye

So get busy and keep watching for our next installment in which we will show you how to make your kitchen the gorgeous place it was born to be.

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