Tuesday 27 September 2016

ACME – Funky, fresh and fabulous

If you love to eat on the wild side of cuisine and sample culinary combinations never tasted before, then ACME is the restaurant for you. On walking in you are greeted by the destressed meets high design interior and happy, unpretentious staff. The menu sounds surreal and it is almost impossible to choose from such a tempting selection. But then your waiter appears, all casual and cool, and explains the menu in intricate detail so choice is possible. Don’t think you’ll get away with just a couple of plates though… be prepared to be decadent. Standouts for me were the burrata with citrus and curry leaf, baby calamari with lime and five spice, carpaccio puttanesca, black garlic and burnt chilli linguine, fusilli with pippies and corn, and all three sublime desserts. Trust me, you’ll be back. And yes, I did eat all of this and more at one sitting with just one other person. 

A very happy customer xo

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