Thursday 11 February 2016

Colour me happy!

Colour and accessorise your rental home

If you are lucky enough the walls of your apartment will have been repainted in a light, neutral colour, ideally one of the plethora of whites on trend for this season. If this is not the case and a wall is painted in a colour you hate, if you have a longish lease you should consider repainting as this will make a big difference to your new home. White and off-white create the perfect canvas for accessorising and as a backdrop to any style of furniture or art. They create an enlarged sense of space and brighten a darkish room considerably. If the landlord agrees to repainting, you can source paint at quite competitive prices and if you paint it yourself, it will end up costing far less than you think. 

  • However be aware that dark walls will take considerably more paint to cover up. 

  • Remember to keep leftover paint for touch ups. 

Now comes the fun part. If you have lots of gorgeous accessories, you’ve just created the perfect backdrop, but if you don’t, go to Ikea, Aldi, Freedom, op-shops, garage sales - wherever is cheap and cheerful - and brighten up you world with cushions, candles and prints and patterns. Don’t forget, anything that isn’t nailed down can be taken with you when you move, so think of it as an investment.

Styling: inexpensive furnishings and soft furnishings from Ikea or your local op-shop can transform a room from drab to fab!

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