Monday, 19 November 2018

Why Liverpool is fast becoming Sydney’s property hot-spot

As one of the oldest urban settlements in Australia, founded in 1810 by Governor Lachlan Macquarie, Liverpool is experiencing a seismic revival. Few places in our city are changing as fast as Liverpool, and the quantity and calibre of infrastructure projects are positioning it as Sydney’s fastest growing economy. Liverpool’s massive renaissance is in part due to the fact that construction at Badgery’s Creek is to begin next year, bringing an estimated 11,000 construction jobs on the $5.3billion build, providing an exorbitant boost to the local economy. Liverpool is being described as ‘The Gateway to Sydney’s Aerotropolis’.

All this major investment is having the consequent effect of transforming this suburb into one of Sydney’s burgeoning hotspots and people from all over Sydney are making the move South West. The opportunity to purchase a highly affordable, luxury, oversized apartment is proving irresistible to purchasers, who are even coming from trendy Inner City suburbs like Surry Hills and Zetland. One of the best residential buildings in Liverpool, Pinnacle, is being developed EQ Projects, renowned for their high end Upper North Shore and Eastern Suburbs developments. They are bringing this same level of luxury and attention to detail to Liverpool. With oversized floorplans, panoramic views, luxurious finishes and an affordable price tag, these apartments offer a lot more than their counterparts elsewhere in Sydney.

Situated in the heart of Liverpool and right on Macquarie Street’s ‘Eat Street’ with its delectable cuisine from all over the world, Pinnacle’s epicentral location is unrepeatable. New cafes, restaurants, bars and boutiques are popping up regularly. A$7billion is being injected into the immediate area, greatly benefiting the local economy and improving its already substantial array of amenities and creating a plethora of jobs into the future which is also a drawcard for purchasers. As the capital of Sydney’s Southwest, the new Liverpool City Centre will be a ‘model of the cities of Australia’s future’, thanks to the council’s Growing Liverpool 2023 strategy.

New infrastructure either underway or on the way:

  • Macquarie Mall (Liverpool’s own ‘Eat Street’) is about to get a major facelift
  • A brand new civic centre with a new cutting edge library, Council Chambers, commercial towers and University of Wollongong Liverpool campus
  • Bigge Park upgrade including water park, kids play area, cycle ways, outdoor gym and more
  • Georges River’s revitalisation with Moorebank Marina, Inglis Riverside Stables and Doltone House Deepwater Restaurant Precinct
  • Westfield touted for an upgrade
  • The proposed Liverpool extension to Sydney’s rapid metro train line will have commuters to the CBD in far quicker time and with far less wait
  • Badgery’s Creek Airport transformation, giving the local economy a huge boost and providing a wealth of new jobs and people looking to buy and rent

Health and Education:

Top schools and universities provide highly attractive learning environments - including the new Western Sydney University and University of Wollongong’s Liverpool Campuses.  Great local hospitals provide the full spectrum of medical facilities and every local amenity is on hand for residents’ convenience. Liverpool Hospital has just received $740million to fund its new and highly innovative health, research and education precinct.


The lifestyle on offer in Liverpool is surprisingly rich. There are a myriad of great local sport and leisure facilities on offer:

·         Whitlam Leisure Centre’s pool and gym
·         Hillier Oval
·         Bigge Park
·         Warwick Farm Racecourse
·         Anytime Fitness
·         Squashlands
·         Lake Moore and the coming Georges River marina, stables and restaurant precinct

Epicentral location:

  • The beautiful Ocean Road to Wollongong and the South Coast are easily accessible
  • The majestic Blue Mountains make for a great day trip or long weekend
  • South Sydney and Wollongong’s best beaches are an easy drive away
  • The Kingsford Smith Airport is a 20 minute drive on the M5
  • Sydney CBD is getting more and more easily accessible with the coming major transport infrastructure projects
  • Lots of extreme sports opportunities nearby – skydiving, hot air ballooning, rock climbing, hang gliding, horse riding, dodgeball, go karting.

Pinnacle’s features:

Spanning 27 and 23 stories respectively, these oversized one, two and three bedroom designer apartments and penthouses have been designed by multi award-winning architects, Mosca Pserras.

  • Expansive living areas opening out to spacious entertainer’s balconies
  • Panoramic views across Sydney and the Blue Mountains
  • Superb finishes, fittings and fixtures
  • Gourmet gas kitchens featuring striking stone benchtops, superior joinery and European appliances
  • Impeccably tiled bathrooms with baths and semi-frameless showers
  • Supremely spacious bedrooms with large built-in wardrobes
  • Laundries with dryers
  • Car spaces for every apartment,
  • Air conditioning and video intercom
  • Green entry oasis – an exquisitely landscaped park with leafy trees and cafĂ©
  • Relatively low strata fees low
  • Construction is well progressed with settlements anticipated in early 2019

To learn more about Pinnacle, please visit or call Emma Chappell on (02) 8302 1500 or 0404 769 509

Monday, 8 January 2018

New Year's Recycling Resolutions

Happy New Year from the team at Cramer Property! 

We hope you had (and are still having) fantastic, safe holidays filled with love, laughter, decadent meals and long, relaxing days. We want to start the year on a really positive note, so we feel that all of us could (and really should) commit to the New Year’s resolution of recycling our way to a healthier planet. 

So many of us get busy, tired or just plain lazy and either dump a bunch of things in the recycling bin that we think are recyclable but we’ve never really checked, or just dump everything in the regular red bin. So I’m going to try and make it easy for you and outline common rubbish misconceptions and recycling rules that really aren’t that hard to follow. 

  • The number in a triangle indicates the type of plastic or substance a product is made from and doesn’t always mean it is recyclable! Don’t be fooled if you see the triangle on polystyrene packaging – it is NOT recyclable
  • Plastic bags and food packaging should NOT go in the recycle bin as they contaminate recycling and jam machinery. Coles have REDcycle bins where you can place your soft plastics like bread bags, biscuit and confectionery packets, frozen food/rice/pasta and supermarket bags to be recycled into useful new products such as outdoor furniture. Cling wrap and nappies are NOT recyclable
  • You do NOT need to rinse recyclable containers – they must just be empty and dry. However if you have time it is best to rinse as this keeps away bad odours and ensures your bins are relatively clean
  • Never put anything broken or sharp in the recycle bin. It’s dangerous for collectors and is unable to be recycled. Crockery and drinking glasses are NOT recyclable
  • Do NOT throw out lightbulbs, mobile phones or batteries as they create environmental toxicity. These can be disposed of at local libraries and Neighbourhood Service Centres.
  • Never throw out e-waste or chemicals. Contact your local council to find ways of disposing of these responsibly
  • Don’t just throw out clothing, household items and toys that are in good condition. There are lots of organisations that take these things and distribute them where needed, so check in your local area for the nearest charitable organisation, here are some suggestions for what to and where to dispose clothing;
  • When in doubt, refer to the notice above your bins that shows what is recyclable and if you don’t have one, contact your local council.

  • The green bin is the garden organic bin. Small branches, leaves, grass clippings, tree and shrub prunings, plants, flowers and weeds can be placed here. Do NOT put food scraps, soil, rocks, large pieces of plant material, building materials
  • Want to go the extra step toward making a difference? Start composting your food scraps and garden waste. If you live in a strata scheme, talk to the Owners’ Committee about purchasing a compost bin. This will provide great food for your common areas gardens and help reduce waste. For ideas on how to get composting, visit 
Let's make 2018 a fantastic year for all of us and for the environment too! 
Love where you live.

Monday, 18 December 2017

Deck your halls with boughs of holly

Deck your halls with boughs of holly but don’t just stop at your halls, you can deck your windows, walls, mantelpiece, front door… you can even deck the air! Staying home for the holidays, well make your home feel special. Summer is here and life is good, so spread the cheer and create a happy home environment.

Often in summer there is too much light coming into our homes and they tend to overheat, so take the opportunity to hang or erect things in your window to obstruct some of the strong summer sunlight. Ideally plants work wonders, but also try candles and fairy lights.

For the mantelpiece, shelves and the like, decorate with candles, flowers, cards and any symbols that are significant to you at this time of year. Decking the front door can be predictable yet gorgeous by adorning it with a wreath. You don’t even need to buy one. Get an array of herbs or plant cuttings and make your own. And for the unpredictable… let your imagination take rein.  
Decking the air is easier than you may think…. get some beautifully scented candles burning and some aromatic plants and flowers. I remember as a child getting an orange and sticking it with cloves. This smells incredible and is super easy to do. Think of your favourite memories for childhood holidays and place items around your house that take you back to that time. This is a sure-fire way to subliminally make your holiday even more special.

Don’t forget to spoil yourself and take every opportunity to unwind. Here’s to happy holidays and a fantastic 2018 from the Cramer team.

Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Get your kitchen's act together - Part 2

Part 2 – Cleaning with a vengeance 

I’m hoping you’ve been busy giving away, throwing out or selling your un-used, cluttering kitchen crap. If you had one, how fun are garage sales by the way?

Now, my grandmother always said “cleanliness is next to godliness.” So if you want to feel really divine, clean your kitchen like a domestic god or goddess. Take out everything from your cupboards and give each and every surface in there a thorough rubber-glove-armed clean with hot water and eucalyptus oil - no need to buy gross expensive synthetic chemical crap. For the more persistent smears, nothing beats cloudy ammonia. Just ensure you have adequate ventilation and dilute it. The smell is quite severe, but it goes away quickly and takes off the most extreme grease and stains. And insects don’t like the eucalyptus smell, so you kill two birds with one stone. 

While you’re at it, clean the fridge and oven, and pull out the grease filters in the rangehood, soaking them in hot water, a few generous squeezes of dishwashing liquid and a ¼ cup of baking soda. In less than half an hour you can start scrubbing them with a non-abrasive brush or scourer. Et voilĂ ! Do beware if cleaning a gas oven with ammonia, make sure the gas and pilot light are off or your kitchen could light up like a gunpowder-laced Christmas tree. 

Now look up at the ceiling. Are there fly s*>t spots or squashed mosquito remnants anywhere? Is there a mass grave insect cemetery gracing your flush mount opaque ceiling light? No matter how clean your kitchen is down below, a grotty ceiling can ruin the effect, so get up there on a ladder armed with your eucalyptus and ammonia-infused sponge. Please note, this task, and the gas oven cleaning one should be done when completely sober. The rest could call for some hard liquor. 

So please get to it. I will give you a bit of leeway, in case you get overwhelmed easily like me and all this is daunting and giving you nausea and panic attacks at the prospect.  I’ll give you a week or two before I post the next blog, so take on bite sized tasks. Maybe do one cupboard a day and give yourself the entire weekend to clean the fridge and oven. I don’t mean spend the entire weekend doing this but make sure you accomplish the task at some point. So when we catch up next, we will be able to move forward with a beautiful kitchen, a pristine canvas, or at least a far less cluttered, filthy one. 

Remember always aspire to acquire kitchen heaven....